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College Fantasy Football 2010: Week 2 Preview

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Each week, I take a look at players you should start in your fantasy BCS league. I also make recommendations for smaller leagues, such as SEC-only.

You can see last week's picks here, but below I'll make reference to how well my 2009 and 2010 picks have done, so you can judge whether the one-week play is better than your usual starter.


Week 1 Average: 27.3


2010 Average: 27.3


2009 Average: 23.2


Matt Barkley, USC (UVA) - 36% Owned, 15% Started - I'm actually surprised he was owned in so few leagues. He won't get 42 points like he did against Hawaii, but he should continue to put up big numbers, as Lane Kiffin tries to stay relevant (you know, without cheating.)


Josh Nesbitt, Georgia Tech (Kansas) - 25% Owned, 7% Started - I was puzzled in the preseason when Nesbitt wasn't recommended by CBS, and then wasn't drafted highly. He put up 29 points last week. Kansas just lost to an FBS team. Speaking of Kansas, was there any doubt Mark Mangino would leave a cupboard bare? And yes, I stole that one from an email on this week's Solid Verbal podcast.


If You're Hardcore: Stephen Garcia, South Carolina (UGA) - 11% Owned, 3% Started - Last year, Georgia's secondary made even Straight Outta Crompton look like a Heisman contender.

Running backs

Week 1 Average: 22


2010 Average: 22


2009 Average: 10.3


Montee Ball, Wisconsin (SJ State) - 3% Owned, 2% Started - John Clay's backup got 19 points last week. We all saw Alabama's rushing game explode against San Jose State. I think Ball has another big week, as there should be plenty of carries to go around.


Tre Newton, Texas (Wyoming) - 19% Owned, 12% Started - We heard about Texas' new commitment to the run game. Wyoming doesn't pose much more of a challenge than Rice, so Newton could approach 29 points again.


If You're Hardcore: Dillon Baxter, USC (UVA) - 3% Owned, 1% Started - The superstar frosh comes off of his suspension. If he's the real deal, this might be your last chance to get in on it.

Wide Receivers

Week 1 Average: 6


2010 Average: 6


2009 Average: 8.04


Joe Adams, Arkansas (La. Monroe) - 40% Owned, 35% Started - Arkansas is going to put up great numbers against these awful teams. This ownership percentage s a little high for me to recommend, usually, but Adams should be owned in many more leagues than this. And there's little doubt he's a great play this week.


Dane Sanzenbacher, Ohio State (Miami (FL) )- 10% Owned, 7% Started - Sanzenbacher appears to be a favorite target for Pryor. Florida threw the ball more than most games against Miami (FL) in 2008, and Miami's strength has continued to be in the front seven. I would usually stick to recommending people playing worse teams, but I don't think Sanzenbacher's ownership percentages will be this low for long.


Ryan Swope, Texas A&M (La. Tech) - 9% Owned, 2% Started - Your league mates didn't notice, because he didn't get in the endzone last week and had the 25% penalty for playing Stephen F. Austin. But the Aggies are going to throw the ball a lot, and he caught 13 balls last week.


If You're Hardcore: Daymond Patterson, Kansas (@GT) - 1% Owned, 0% Started - I already joked about Mark Mangino's cupboard. Consider Patterson the stale, blue box of Kraft macaroni and cheese behind the cobweb. With 4 catches and 3 carries a week ago, it's apparent the Jayhawks' offensive hopes will be in his hands.

Tight Ends

Week 1 Average: 6.5


2010 Average: 6.5


2009 Average: 4.67


Rhett Ellison, USC (UVA) - 4% Owned, 3% Started - Let's just say I'm not high on Virginia. Something about Al Groh sucking for nearly a decade.


If You're Hardcore: Allen Reisner, Iowa (Iowa State) - 5% Owned, 3% Started - Resiner had 4 catches last week, and thanks to the departed senior Tony Moeaki we know Iowa can feature the tight end.


Week 1 Average: 34.5


2010 Average: 34.5


2009 Average: 12.95


Texas Tech (New Mexico) - 7% Owned, 3% Started - Last week, put up 19 points despite the shootout with SMU. This week, they get New Mexico, who Oregon 's D/ST touched up for 48 fantasy points a week ago.


If You're Hardcore: NC State (@UCF) - 2% Owned, 0% Started - They scored 18 points as a defense last week. UCF is hardly an offensive juggernaut.

Kicker Challenge

Each week, I'll pick a readily-available kicker, and compare his point total to CBS' preseason #1 ranked kicker, Florida's own Caleb Sturgis. Here are the results to date:






This week's pick:



Aaron Jones, Baylor (Buffalo) - 1% Owned, 0% Started

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College Fantasy Football: Week 13 Preview

This article originally appeared here.

It's Championship Week for your college fantasy football league!

Wackiness will abound, as 10 of the Big Eleven teams are on bye this week, as are great fantasy options like Oregon, Oregon State, and Cal, among others.  It's also the annual rivalry week for many teams in the south (Florida-FSU, Clemson-South Carolina, etc), so you may need to look in some different places for good matchups.

If you are scrambling to fill out your roster for all these reasons, I'm here to help.

I’m going to stick to guys in BCS conferences, as your league more than likely contains those conferences in some combination.  I’m also going to try stay away from telling you it’s a good matchup to play guys against FCS teams.  Use your own judgment for those plays, as some players will definitely put up stats, but will be subject to a 25% penalty.  And sometimes the backups will get a lot of time. 


Ricky Dobbs, Navy (@Hawaii) – My original man-crush of the season has too delicious of a matchup (coming off a bye-week, no less) not to mention here. And though he’s listed as only owned in 29% of CBS leagues, I take that to mean more that there are only 29% of leagues with competent fantasy players in them. 
Blaine Gabbert, Missouri (Kansas) – I don’t think I’m alone when I think this neutral-field rivalry game will end up in a shootout.  I also think Kansas could fall apart in the wake of Mangino (that sort of ended up as a fat joke, even as I was trying to avoid it).  Gabbert’s ownership numbers have stayed fairly low, and you’ve likely got at least one QB on bye this week. Josh Nesbitt, Georgia Tech (Georgia) – My newest man-crush faces Willie Martinez?  Yes, please. If you’re hardcore: Samson Szakacsy, Arizona State (Arizona) – A good defense doesn’t make for a good matchup.  A sophomore in his second start (3rd straight game of significant action) doesn’t look enticing.  So why rest your championship hopes on He With the Flowing Hair? If you’re in a league where the Pac-10 is a significant portion of your player pool, Jake Locker or Andrew Luck are the best options without a bye this week- and already owned.  Szakacsy’s last two game show he can score like those QBs in the next tier, and he’s likely available. 

Running backs

Baron Batch, Texas Tech (Baylor) – Another neutral site game, this one at the Boss Hog Bowl in Arlington, TX.  I would recommend Taylor Potts, but he was a high draft pick and is likely owned, despite his only recent return to stud status.  Anyway, if I have a lot of bye week troubles, I always love grabbing the #1 rushing threat from a high-scoring offense.  There’s always the potential for a 5-TD game, or 200 total yards, or something cool, depending on how the game plays out. 
Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati (Illinois) – I also don’t expect much defense in this game.  And depite my giggling at seeing I. Pead in the box score, he seems to be flying under the national radar somewhat.  He’s only owned in 6% of CBS leagues, and is sitting in the walk-on pool of the Official League.  So it’s not a stretch to think you could grab the main rushing threat of a top offense in a potentially high-scoring game. If you’re hardcore: Jason Ford, Illinois (@Cincinnati) – I actually have no idea which Illini back gets more carries this week.  Ron Zook has said he’s going to play ‘the hot hand’, which is like a death sentence for fantasy teams.  Illinois is the only Big Ten team with a game today, and if the Zookers used the week off to attempt to derail the Bearcats’ season, the run game should be featured prominently to keep Tony Pike and Co. on the sideline. 

Wide Receivers

Jermaine Kearse, Washington (Washington State) – It wouldn’t be a fantasy column if I didn’t recommend SOMEONE against the Cougars.  He’s averaging around 10 points per game. 
Chris Owusu, Stanford (Notre Dame) – The Irish will need about 40 people in the box to try to stop Gerhart.  Should leave about -29 people in the secondary, and Owusu is Andrew Luck’s big-play target. Tramain Swindall, Texas Tech (Baylor) – Offensive fireworks and a WR owned in less than a third of CBS leagues.If you’re hardcore: Johnny Forzani, Washington State (@Washington) – With so many top Pac 10 options on bye, and all the Big Ten players out, you could need a deep sleeper to fill out your squad.  Forzani at least got preseason hype as big play threat, but he’s only gotten 9 receptions on the season.  He has had two games of over 15 points, though, and with the bye week before the rivalry game… feeling crazy? 

Tight Ends

Kavario Middleton, Washington (Washington State) – I have a pretty good record simply by picking against the Cougars each week.  Why stop now?
If you’re hardcore: Logan Paulsen, UCLA (@USC) – That’s why they call it “hardcore”. 

Defense / Special Teams

Arizona (@Arizona State) – They are a serviceable defense, facing an inexperienced QB.  I did recommend same QB above, so let’s just move on
If you’re hardcore: Navy (@Hawaii) – The June Jones era is very much gone in Hawaii.  Navy has had some very good fantasy scoring weeks, and got the week off to really shut down the Warriors this week.
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College Fantasy Football: Week 12 Preview

This article originally appeared here.

 It's the first week of the college fantasy football playoffs!

Some great options are on bye (Josh Nesbitt, Ricky Dobbs, Joe McKnight, among many others), so you need this advice to win your round one matchup!

I’m going to stick to guys in BCS conferences, as your league more than likely contains those conferences in some combination.  I’m also going to try stay away from telling you it’s a good matchup to play guys against FCS teams.  Use your own judgment for those plays, as some players will definitely put up stats, but will be subject to a 25% penalty.  And sometimes the backups will get a lot of time.


Sean Canfield, Oregon State (Washington State) – Look up who’s playing the Cougs.  Pick up their key players. Rinse. Repeat.  Last 4 games: 31, 12, 29, 31 points.  Here’s hoping this is one of those 30-pointers. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri (Iowa State) – Good QB, good matchup, low ownership (including the fact he’s sitting in the walk-on pool of the Official League), good roster move. If you’re hardcore: Trent Steelman, Army (@North Texas) – Consider this extremely hardcore, as he hardly racked up the points at home against VMI last week.  But in a league where I have Ricky Dobbs and Juice Williams on bye, and my other option was Tate Forcier, I considered it. 

Running backs

Adam Robinson, Iowa (Minnesota) – Before getting hurt, Robinson was a very good play.  The news was he was out for the season.  As has been a recurring theme this year, he wasn’t.  He got 20 carries for 74 yds and 2 receptions for 13 yds last week in his return v. Ohio State.  He was likely dropped or never owned in your league.  Personally, I’m hoping I can ride him to the championship round in one of my leagues. Jordan Todman, Connecticut (Notre Dame) – He’s likely near the top of your league’s fantasy point producers.  A bye last week has made your league mates forget about his 45-point outburst against the Bearcast week 10 (previous 3 weeks were 12, 16, and 17 points- not too shabby)  He’s available in 20% of CBS leagues, and I picked him up during his bye week in the Official League just to play him this week.  In case you somehow made the fantasy playoffs by being entirely out of touch with college football: Notre Dame struggles on defense. Shane Vereen, California (@Stanford) – He got 30 carries in Best’s absence, and put up 22 fantasy points last week.  It doesn’t seem like all the Best owners have picked him up yet, and he has the talent and the opportunity. If you’re hardcore: Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M (Baylor) – His season averages are good, and he’s playing Baylor.  So why is this hardcore? Because he’s gotten 3 and 4 points the last 2 games, and CBS has a player note that he’s starting to lose carries to a freshman named ‘Christine’.  Ouch. 

Wide Receivers

Joe Adams, Arkansas (Mississippi State) – 3 straight weeks with a TD, since returning from a stroke.  I’m facing Mallett in one league, so I hope it doesn’t keep happening.  But it will. Tandon Doss, Indiana (Purdue) – Purdue sucks (as does Indiana). But, Doss is probably the best receiver in the Big Ten now, with Benn under-performing and Decker out for the season.  He’s unowned in most CBS leagues, including the G1 league.  So he could be available in yours. Shay Hodge, Mississippi (LSU) – 7 points last week was his lowest output over 5 games, but he was matched up with Eric Berry and Dexter McCluster blew up.  Think he may get less attention this week?  Me, too.   If you’re hardcore: Chris Owusu, Stanford (California) – At this point in the season, Owusu has been putting up stats almost regardless of the competition.  Andrew Luck is an emerging stud, so even though this isn’t the best matchup, I think he puts up the fantasy numbers.  And I’m hoping he has a big enough game to keep Gerhart from single-handedly ending my season in one league. 

Tight Ends

Joe Halahuni, Oregon State (Washington State) – Once more to the well for my recommending a play against the Cougars- and for Halahuni to make it 3 big games in a row.  In a league with few options, I made him my top waiver priority.  I think he’s really emerged late in the year, and should be good for double-digit points.  Is that what you’ve really been getting from your TE?  This is very much an upside play, as I dropped Drake Dunsmore and his consistent (if boring) 4 points/week. If you’re hardcore: Jimmy Graham, Miami (Duke) – He has 9 catches this season- 5 for TDs.  He’s gotten one each of the last two games.  Duke Sucks.  Are you feeling lucky? 

Defense / Special Teams

Nebraska (Kansas State) – I’m betting K-State leaves the “power towel” at home.  Big Red is only owned in 21 percent of CBS leagues, and has been averaging 15 points/game. If you’re hardcore: Oregon State (Washington State) – I picked them up and played them last week against Washington (which didn’t turn out too badly- 12 points) just to make sure I could play them against the Cougs this week.  There really is a formula here.
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College Fantasy Football: Week 11 Preview

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This is the last week before the playoffs in CBS leagues.  If you're in a Big Ten-only league, it's actually the first week of the playoffs.  With that in mind, I'll give some recommendations with an eye toward some juicy playoff matchups.  You don' want to miss out on some matchup-changer because your opponent has a higher waiver priority than you next week!

I think it could be a good year to play someone from Navy (including the defense) against Delaware, or even someone from Army (again, including the defense) against VMI (and playing North Texas week 12 doesn't hurt)... but I don't like to recommend taking the 25% penalty.  Use your own judgment for your situation, on whether or not to take that penalty.

I’m going to stick to guys in BCS conferences, as your league more than likely contains those conferences in some combination.


Ryan Mallett, Arkansas (Troy) – Florida actually threw the ball against Troy.  A lot.  Mallett throws more anyways, so what do you think is going to happen? Josh Nesbitt, Georgia Tech (@Duke) – I’m tired of writing about Ricky Dobbs- go get Nesbitt.  Also, I was surprised when he was unowned in my BCS-only league, and only owned in 42% of all CBS leagues. If you’re hardcore: Sean Canfield, Oregon State (Washington) – He’s averaging 18 points per game, which is decent,  and could help your team in some leagues, as he’ll probably approach that.  Plus, he gets the awesome matchup with Washington State next week (the first week of the playoffs- in some leagues this could propel you to the championship game).  I guess this is a more of a 2-week combo recommendation? 

Running backs

Baron Batch, Texas Tech (@Oklahoma State) – Batch is a sneaky-good play in a lot of leagues, a lot of weeks.  A Big XII patented 85-75 game should yield lots of scoring opportunities. Chris Brown, Oklahoma (Texas A&M) – I’m not convinced OU hasn’t just given up on the season.  But A&M at home should mean they score many, many points. Rodney Stewart, Colorado (@Iowa State) – In case you haven’t been paying attention (and if you don’t reside in Boulder, you weren’t) Stewart has been a breakout player of sort recently, and it can’t hurt that one of his competitors for carries- Darrell Scott- transferred. If you’re hardcore: Jason Ford, Illinois (Northwestern) – I guess the assumption that LeShoure had taken over the Illini’s featured back role was wrong- Ford exploded last week.  If he’s the featured back, you want him.  If it’s back to LeShoure, well, go get him.  I have Ford in one of my smaller leagues.  Doesn’t hurt that he’s the only Big Ten running back without a bye week 13 (aka the Championship in CBS leagues). 

Wide Receivers

Joe Adams, Arkansas (Troy) - He’s gone for 22 points and 7 since returning from a stroke.  A home date with Troy means he’ll get closer to the 22, if not more.  And any health concerns should be gone by now. Tramain Swindall, Texas Tech (Oklahoma State) – High scoring game + Mike Leach + owned in 35% of leagues = go pick him up.  There, math for Saturday. Terrance Toliver, LSU (Louisiana Tech) – There’s some uncertainty at QB, but he should have a big game either way.  Latest news is Jarrett Lee will get the start, but it really shouldn’t matter- the matchup is good enough for Toliver. If you’re hardcore: Chris McGaha, Arizona State (@Oregon) / Chris Owusu, Stanford (@USC) – I give you two this week, as they each put up 17 points… and this week, the switch opponents.  Will they each put up 17 points again?  Probably not.  But could be worth a shot? 

Tight Ends

Nick Tow-Arnett, Minnesota (San Diego State) – Seems to be getting more catches since the Eric Decker injury.  Hard to argue with getting to play the Aztecs at an hour none of the San Diego State players are usually awake.  Last two games: 20 and 6 points, respectively. If you’re hardcore: Joe Halahuni, Oregon State (Washington) – I just like recommending people against Washington.  And you can play him next week against Washington State, too!  Did your TE score 12 points (6 catches, 128 yards) last week? 

Defense / Special Teams

UCLA (@Washington State) – One more chance for me to take a shot at the Cougars.  At this point, they are bringing down the Pac-10 worse than bringing in… San Diego State. If you’re hardcore: Louisville (Syracuse) – Louisville sucks, but Syracuse is worse.  (That sentence fell somewhere below Will Ferrell as George W. “The Rock is strong but Nolan Ryan is wise”, but sometimes it is this easy, folks). Could both teams score less than zero?
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College Fantasy Football: Week 10 Preview

This article originally appeared here.

Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia and Kentucky face FCS opponents this week.  I won't list those guys below as recommendations, because of the 25% penalty assessed in CBS leagues.  Texas, chock full of guys owned in fantasy leagues, gets UCF.  So I tried to find some other sources of points, but you could always go with guys from those teams I just mentioned.

Let's just jump into some fantasy advice...


Ricky Dobbs, Navy (@Notre Dame) – I’m going back to the well here.  He’s been out, so he may be available in your league.  And a long shot like Washington State’s Jeff Tuel got 12 fantasy points against ND a week ago.  A stud like Dobbs? He’s owned in both my leagues, and I expect him to be started in both of them.  If someone dropped him while he was injured, get him fast! Nick Foles, Arizona (Washington State) - I expect a blowout in Tucson this weekend.  He's very available. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri (Baylor) – He’s supposedly back from injury, and only owned in 37% of leagues.  He’s a good play this week, and a good addition to your team over the remaining weeks. If you’re hardcore: Adam Weber, Minnesota (Illinois) – He lit up Michigan State a week ago, even with top target Eric Decker out for the season.  Could he do the same to the fightin’ Zookers? 

Running backs

Keola Antolin, Arizona (Washington State) – With Nic Grisby and Greg Nwoko out, I expect big things out of Antolin against an overmatched opponent.  I picked him up before his bye week last week in case this happened- but the bye could mean you have a chance at picking him up this week. Toney Baker, NC State (Maryland) – He got 112 yards rushing and 32 yards receiving a week ago against FSU.  It’s an easier matchup against Maryland, so hopefully he accumulates similar yardage and finds the end zone a couple times. Bryce Brown, Tennessee (Memphis) – Let’s just say I expect Tennessee to give the freshman plenty of work against their awful in-state rival.  Yeah, I said rival- because of the Vols lost to them in the mid-90s. Mikel LeShoure, Illinois (@Minnesota) – He’s grabbed the featured-back role, but he’s probably available in your league.  Minnesota isn’t like seeing FIU on your schedule, but the fact he’s seized most of the carries makes him worth owning. If you’re hardcore: Cameron Marshall, Arizona State (USC) – This is only for the extremely hardcore, if that’s a category.  USC sure gave up rushing yards last week, and Marshall, a freshman, has really picked it up recently.  I picked him up in a league, but I’m not desperate enough to start him.  I do feel good about his possibilities as a breakout, with Dimitri Nance injured. 

Wide Receivers

I’m in a league where Blair White (though he’s owned in 74% of CBS leagues) was available this week, and has a tasty matchup with Western Michigan coming up.  It taught me a lesson that very good players are often available, due to bye weeks, injuries, and small benches.  Don’t go crazy with all 3 of your WR picks, go get one of the more consistent options if guys like White are available in your league.  Here are a few options, however, that I think are good plays this week: Alric Arnett, West Virginia (Louisville) – He’s been fairly consistent the last 3 games, and the Cardinals are bad.  I don’t know what happened and how they got bad, but it’s time to just accept that they are. Jarvis Williams, NC State (Maryland) – He’s scored 19 and 12 points in his last two games.  Maryland is not very good.  Sensing a pattern yet? If you’re hardcore: David Douglas, Arizona (Washington State) – Every week, I say the Cougars suck.  I think Arizona does their damage on the ground, but I think he could repeat something approaching the 21-point outburst he had against Stanford 2 weeks ago. 

Tight Ends

Charlie Gantt, Michigan State (Western Michigan) – Can’t argue with the matchup, and I expected more out of Gantt pre-season.  Maybe this is the week? If you’re hardcore: Nick Tow-Arnett, Minnesota (Illinois) – His 20-point outburst last week makes up most of his scoring for the season.  But it’s worth noting someone has to catch the ball with Eric Decker out.  If it’s him, you could be able to get him for cheap. 

Defense / Special Teams

Arizona (Washington State) – I’ve recommended several other Wildcat players this week.  They are facing a freshman QB, so defensive TDs are a distinct possibility. If you’re hardcore: Michigan State (Western Michigan) – This one’s easy.  Tennessee is another easy one, but they are more of a ‘name’ defense, and MSU got lit up by Minnesota (through the air, even) a week ago.  Which is why this is hardcore.
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College Fantasy Football: Week 9 Preview

This article originally appeared here.

Big news in the fantasy college football this week, as Dez Bryant's suspension will last the entire season, Taylor Potts may lose his starting job to the third-stringer, and Pac-10 (and fantasy) juggernauts USC and Oregon face off.  I didn't even mention Adam Robinson (the Big Ten's 4th-leading rusher, and beneficiary of that Iowa OL that made Shonn Greene a star) being out for the season, and likely taking one of my league's title hopes with him (Big Ten, Pac-10, Independents only eligible conferences).  Luckily, I'll be here at guiding you all season long toward fantasy glory (which I fail to distinguish from actual glory).

I’m going to stick to guys in BCS conferences, as your league more than likely contains those conferences in some combination.  I’m also going to try stay away from telling you it’s a good matchup to play guys against FCS teams.  Use your own judgment for those plays, as some players will definitely put up stats, but will be subject to a 25% penalty.  And sometimes the backups will get a lot of time.


Seth Doege, Texas Tech (Kansas) – The latest news is that Doege is going to get the start.  If that stays the same for Saturday, you definitely want him in the lineup.  This game could go over 100 total points, and starting a Mike Leach QB is always a good idea.

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas (Eastern Michigan) – He’s owned in 53% of leagues.  If you own him, you’re starting him.  If you don’t, you should pick him up and start him, depending on your starter’s matchup.

If you’re hardcore: Jeff Tuel, Washington State (Notre Dame; in San Antonio) – Do I need to give you another reason to root against Notre Dame?  He’s had some good games, and the Irish’s struggles on defense are well documented.

Running backs

Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M (Iowa State) – Totaled 41 fantasy points for his owners last week in Lubbock… this week, returns home to face a worse team.  Probably won’t repeat 41 points, but should be worth a look as he’s only owned in 12% of leagues.

Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati (@Syracuse) – While the Bearcats are typically pass-first, with the Tony Pike injury, Pead has seen increased opportunities.  I look for him to carry the load again as either the inexperience Zach Collaros will start, or Tony Pike will be eased back in (I’m betting on the former).

If you’re hardcore: Jermil Martin, Ohio State (New Mexico State) – Brandon Saine and Dan Herron are likely out this week, and Martin is my pick for his better yards per carry numbers between he and Jordan Hall last week.  If this were a Big Ten opponent, I’d stay away or just stash him on my bench, but as it stands this could be a fantastic opportunity for the freshman.

Wide Receivers

Joe Adams, Arkansas (Eastern Michigan) – He’s averaging 9 points per game this season, and this opponent means he’ll get an opportunity to do better than that.

Uzoma Nwachukwu, Texas A&M (Iowa State) – This makes 3 weeks in a row I’ve recommended him, but the matchup is tough to argue, and I love the fact that his 7 points last week seemed like a disappointment.  Also, I just like to give my spelling skills a workout. Still only owned in 29% of leagues, and it’s not like there are a bunch of juggernaut defenses on the conference schedule.

DeVier Posey, Ohio State (New Mexico State) – You saw the big plays last week, and Pryor looking somewhat competent.  Look for that confidence to build in this matchup, and for the receivers to get more looks than usual as two freshmen will likely share the rushing duties.  Posey’s a pretty well known name to college football fans, but only 43% of you in CBS leagues own him.

Terrance Toliver, LSU (Tulane) – He’s going to get in the end zone this weekend.  Who are you starting at your 3<sup>rd</sup> WR position?

If you’re hardcore: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Iowa (Indiana) – I just like recommending people with 3 names.  Maybe I should write about the fantasy WNBA.  Seriously, I think the Adam Robinson injury means more passes, either because Iowa falls behind breaking in a new back, or because the coaches go to a known commodity.  Either way, I’m feeling this one.

Tight Ends

Michael Palmer, Clemson (Coastal Carolina) – I hate recommending the 25% FCS penalty, but TE is a very tough position to predict, and most guys with a  pulse have been snatched up.  Back-to-back double-digit fantasy point games means Palmer has my attention, however.

If you’re hardcore: Joe Halahuni, Oregon State (UCLA) – If you break out against USC (12 fantasy points), there’s a place for you on someone’s fantasy roster.  Especially because TE is dreadful this season, for a variety of reasons.

Defense / Special Teams

LSU (Tulane) – They may not be available in your league, but they are in 45% of CBS leagues.  This is a good time to use them, as they have the ability to get you TDs in addition to all those other defensive stats.  Three of the next four are against Bama, Ole Miss, and Arkansas… but you should be playing defenses week-to-week anyways.

Navy (Temple) – The Midshipmen have been a serviceable fantasy defense in many leagues, especially because even leagues with few options often throw in the independents.  Temple is no offensive juggernaut.  I’m making this play in a league where my alternative was using UCLA against the Brother Rodgers in Corvallis.

If you’re hardcore: Arkansas (Eastern Michigan) – The Razorbacks have scored 12 fantasy points or more only twice this season.  Five of their last six weeks (including the Florida game, where you’re thinking they may have been decent) have been :2, 2 , 4, 4, 6.  But Eastern Michigan is really bad.  Does it make you feel better to know that I made this move, in a startling effort to follow my own advice (my picks here have been better than my actual rosters far too often).

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College Fantasy Football: Week 8 Preview

Check out the original here.
I’m going to stick to guys in BCS conferences, as your league more than likely contains those conferences in some combination.  I’m also going to try stay away from telling you it’s a good matchup to play guys against FCS teams.  Use your own judgment for those plays, as some players will definitely put up stats, but will be subject to a 25% penalty.  And sometimes the backups will get a lot of time.
QuarterbacksThe latest in Fantasy Football Points Fun Land (aka Texas Tech QB situation) is that Taylor Potts will regain the starting position while Stick Sheffield is out.  For Oregon, Jeremiah Masoli’s status is still up in the air… as is Tony Pike’s for Cincinnati.  And Ricky Dobbs is supposedly out.  So you may want to look elsewhere, as you can’t risk taking a 0.
Joey Elliott, Purdue (Illinois) – “Big Ten Shootout” typically means “10-6”.  But Purdue does put up offensive numbers, so I’d start either QB, if available.  Juice was a highly touted guy by CBS preseason, while Elliot is ownly owned in 23% of leagues.  
Kevin Riley, California (Washington State) – A Cougar is a fantastic thing to see on a Saturday.  Especially as a matchup for your fantasy team.  He’s only owned in 4% of leagues.
If you’re hardcore: Danny Sullivan, Arizona State (@Stanford) – I’m expecting a shootout, which would give Sullivan lots of passing opportunities.  He got 22 fantasy points for his owners a week ago, and is averaging 17 over the last 3 games.  You could do considerably worse.
Running backs
Baron Batch, Texas Tech (Texas A&M) – The transitive property does not apply to football, but check this out: Tech beats Kansas State 66-14.  K-State beats A&M 62-14.  I’m thinking Tech wins by 100.  Should be plenty of fantasy points for the RB that’s only owned in 21% of leagues.
Keith Toston, Oklahoma State (@Baylor) – Baylor’s rush defense is somewhere around 100th in FBS.  Toston is a solid option, and I don’t think Kendall Hunter will be back, especially back enough to cut into Toston’s production.  He should have a huge game, hopefully combining his 200 yard effort of two weeks ago with a couple trips to the red zone.
If you’re hardcore: Derrick Locke, Kentucky (Louisiana Monroe) – For the season, he’s averaging over 12 points per game.  Throw out the one game that was only 3 points, and he has a 14 point average.  He’s an injury risk, but it’s looking like he’s going to play.  And it’s tough to argue with the matchup.
Wide Receivers
Uzoma Nwachukwu, Texas A&M (@Texas Tech) – His ownership has climbed to 25%, as the back-to-back scoring weeks of 20 and 25 points got some people’s attention.  After I recommended him last week, you shouldn’t be late to this bandwagon.  If he becomes a breakout star for the rest of the season, you won’t want to have missed out on the opportunity to at least stash him on your bench.
Chris Owusu, Stanford (Arizona State) – I’ve been riding Owusu to domination recently in a league with few options, and his last two weeks of 14 and 17 points should earn one of your 3 starting WR spots.  I’ve already stated I think this game will be a blowout.
If you’re hardcore: Marvin Jones, California (Washington State) – Should I make another Cougar joke?  I’ve never been one to not overdo it.  Anyway, he scored 20 points last week, so maybe it will become a trend.  Washington State isn’t exactly equipped to stop him.
Tight Ends
Riar Geer, Colorado (@Kansas State) - He’s averaging over 7 points per game for the year, and 10 per game over the last 3 weeks.  Kansas State certainly gave up passing yards to Texas Tech two weeks, and the Colorado quarterback uncertainty of late seems to have resulted in increased reliance on Geer.  In a year with so few fantasy studs at TE, this is as good a play as any.
If you’re hardcore: Tony Moeaki, Iowa (@Michigan State) – It’s not exactly a porous defense, so this one is ‘hardcore’ for the matchup.  But in his three weeks of scoring more than zero points, Moeaki has totaled 10, 22, and 11 points.
Defense / Special Teams
Nebraska (Iowa State) – They are such a good real defense that I was surprised when they were available in 13% of leagues.  While playing a Big XII schedule doesn’t allow them to be useful for fantasy purposes all that often, this is the best matchup you can hope for in league play.
If you’re hardcore: Oregon (@Washington) – The Ducks always seem to get special teams touchdowns, and despite what a (delusional) Pete Carroll might say, I’m not sold on Jake Locker.  And especially his teammates.

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